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Smishing: a new way how to steal from you. Here are examples

Smishing. Be careful about what you click onWhenever you receive an email from a stranger, you’re probably careful (since we all know those people who weren’t and lost a lot of money because of it). But what about the text messages? You should be careful as well. Because smishing (a dangerous SMS spam) is on the rise.

Your mobile phone number is a key to your identity. How to protect it?

Hackers can misuse your mobile phone number in many ways. Protect your phone numberWe often think of our social security number as being the only crucial key to our identity. However, it’s been changing in a last few years. It’s because there’s one more number that could become a serious threat to your personal life and identity. Yes, we’re speaking of your phone number.

Who is stalking you online? A lot of people, in fact

stalking online Have you been ever wondering, if there’s someone who can watch every step you make online? Here’s the answer: yes, it is. And, in fact, it can be plenty of people. Who are they and why they’re so interested in you?

Trouble with spam in your inbox? Get a free SMS blocker

SMS blocker will make your SMS inbox your againIs your SMS inbox full of spam? We’ll deal with it for you. So you can start loving texting again.

Loyalty cards are never for free. They can cost you more than you thought

Loyalty cards are never for free Author: Joe Loong (Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

An immediate discount, free coffee or more loyalty points. Loyalty cards are still very popular with customers – but only few of them know that, in exchange for small discount or free coffee, they are giving their privacy away.

Your digital footprint will cost you time (and money, as well)

Your digital footprint cannot be unseenHave you been ever wondering where does the information telemarketers have about you come from? In fact, maybe it’s you who’s responsible. Read why.

How do telemarketers convince you to buy what you don’t need at all

Telemarketing tricks that will make you buy what you don't needHave you ever been wondering why it’s so hard to say “no” to a telemarketer? In fact, the reason is simple. It’s because the telemarketer (especially the good one) always knows how to convince you to buy things you don’t need at all.

Spoofed numbers. How to protect yourself?

Beware of spoofed numbersUnwanted marketing calls, annoying phone pranks or even dangerous phone scam. Nowadays, it all often starts with "spoofed numbers" – a tactic of changing the phone number you see on a display of your phone. And, surprisingly, it’s not illegal.

Three apps, one name. Which Should I Answer app is the best for you?

Should I Answer appThree different apps, one name. Have you been wondering, what are the differences between the Should I Answer app, the Should I Answer Personal and the Should I Answer for iOS? Here they are!

Beware of 'one ring' phone scam. Here's how to protect yourself

one ring phone scamImagine this. You come to your phone and find a missed call. What will you do? Before you answer, we should warn you. A bad decision could cost you a lot of money.

Dead cat, lost love and the "breathing man". Read the most funny telemarketing stories

Read the most funny telemarketing storiesBeing a telemarketer, that’s not an easy job for sure. But being a potential customer, who’s being bothered by more and more spam calls every day, that’s not an easy thing either. Luckily, when there are two right persons on each side of a phone line, even telemarketing can turn into something unforgettable.

Spam calls versus iPhone. Say goodbye to scammers with this new app

Get protection against spam calls for your iPhoneIt has been more than 3 years since we released the Should I Answer app for Android, which has been protecting you against all kind of spam calls. We have done a lot of work during this period: the app warns every day against 4 000 000 of spam calls, it blocks other 200 000 and saves average time of 63 000 seconds daily! But we didn’t take a break.

Who called? How to find out who called from an unknown number

Who called you? Let's find outDid you receive a call from an unknown number? Maybe it was somebody you know, maybe it was just another spam call – and now you don’t know if to call back. Here’s how to find out who called you.

This scammer database will save you time and money

We improved our scammer database“Hi, I’m John Smith from the Bother-Them-Till-They-Die-Company, didn’t I catch you at a wrong time?” Uh. Yes, John. Yes, you did.

Does Facebook have your phone number? You may be in trouble now

Facebook for mobile phoneGive me 30 seconds and your phone number and I will reveal even your deepest secrets. In case you’ve written them on Facebook.

Would you steal from Grandma? Scammers would. How to protect her?

Grandparent scam can threaten anybody

Picture this: your 80-year old grandma receives a phone call and then it goes like this: "Hi grandma, it's me! Sorry to bother you, but I have some troubles, please don’t tell mom..." Sounds pretty normal, doesn’t it? Except for one thing: the person who’s calling isn’t you.

“I’ve been speaking to a robot.” Beware, robocalls were on the rise in 2017

Get Rid of Robocalls for Good

Do you live in USA, Australia or somewhere in Europe? There’s a significant chance you've experienced this for yourself: you answer a phone call, but then realize that you aren’t speaking to another human being. How’s that possible? It’s easy: you’ve just been attacked by a robocall.

Here’s how strangers get your number. Don’t do these 5 common mistakes

Beware of telemarketers Do you know, who is calling?

If you belong to those who are still sticking with a land line, you’re most likely not bothered by calls from telemarketers and don’t have to read further. But your cell phone is different. Have you ever been wondering, why are you receiving so much spam calls? We’ve been as well. And here’s what we’ve found out.

How were we calling in 2017? Patient Europe, co-operative Americans

Another year is over and because telemarketers were really busy in 2017, we have a few interesting numbers for you. What will you learn out of them? For example: where do live the most positive people in the world?

Get rid of the spam calls during holidays. 3 advises how to deal with telemarketing

Well, if there is no Xmas then the marketing should invent it. The proof is the number of unsolicited and spam calls appearing more than usually just before Xmas. How to deal with it? There is a few tips how to get rid of them all.

The Should I Answer for Android is free. And will be always

The unsolicited call will cost you always time or money - sometimes even both. The Android Should I Answer application on the other hand, your effective protection against all kinds of phone harassment, is free. How does it work?

Should I answer versus mobile memory. You don't need the memory managers

The Should I Answer application can protect you against unsolicited calls 24/7. You don't have to be worry for your mobile phone memory or its speed. We took all this into consideration during the development :-) 

6 times better protection against spam calls for your Android. For free

It has been more than 3 years since we released the Should I Answer app, which has been protecting you against all kind of spam calls. We have done a lot of work during this period: the app warns every day against 4 000 000 of spam calls, it blocks other 200 000 and saves average time of 63 000 seconds daily! But we didn't take a break.